Medium Integration: Digital & Traditional

Medium Integration: Digital & Traditional

As we get further into the 2010’s our media landscape continues to shift. New trendy and evergreen brands are quick to push all assets towards digital media while leaving the good old boys (TV, Radio & Outdoor) high and dry, but is this really the best move?

Digital advertising is a powerhouse – we know this. Companies are pushing more and more marketing dollars toward paid digital and content creation. But what is truly the best way to effectively push the brand recognition of your digital advertising? The answer is pretty simple. Pair it with Traditional.

Traditional TV continues to pull in viewers for live TV. Programs like The Voice, Empire, Dancing with the Stars and Big Bang Theory consistently pull in millions of viewers weekly and event programming like the Academy Awards, March Madness, and the holy grail of TV – The Super Bowl all garner HUGE audiences. So as much as new age advertisers try to say live TV Is dying, It’s a strong case that live TV is in fact alive and well.

We know that TV pulls big audiences and digital marketing continues to expand. So what happens when the two meet?

Data shows that general recall is lifted 15% when online video and TV are working together; and more importantly, BRAND RECALL is lifted 33%.

TV & Online Video Recognition


According to Nielsen‘s Data, viewer and listenership is up for TV, radio & devices. On Average Adults 18+ still report to watching 31 hours and 47 minutes of TV a week, and listen to 12 hours and 52 minutes of radio a week. This same demographic is engaging with content on PC/Smartphone/Tablet devices for 21.71 hours a week, with the bulk of the content viewed coming from mobile.

We are a plugged in society but the bottom line is that TV is still the most heavily consumed platform among adults of all ages. So how does the 2016 advertiser capture this audience?

Integrate your Content

Find a digital and traditional mix to push your message to your key audience at a higher volume. Include a URL on your TV spot and in the digital space set remarketing campaign for that specific URL to track conversions. This is a great way to provide digital tracking to a traditional medium.

Align Your Creative

Make sure your traditional messaging and digital messaging contain a similar message and creative if you are pushing to the same audience. This seems like a no brainer, but it is surprising how many advertisers out there switch creative depending on the medium.

Create a story

Use your mediums to push a series of messaging and tell a story. Make it funny and build a strong cliffhanger so you can retain the goldfish-like attention span of your audience. There is a lot of information pushed on consumers to cause the short attention span, so stand out. Utilize pre-roll and TV to continue the message.

There will always be a new update, a new process & a new trick in the digital realm. But to truly use those opportunities to your benefit, find a way in the marketing plan to create a cohesive marriage between the two mediums. Clients often have grand ideas with a less than grand budget so why not make the most of what you have, make them money and use that increase in sales to leverage an increased marketing budget for the next quarter. It seems like a win-win to me.

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