Stay One Digital Step Ahead

With the digital landscape shifting so constantly and rapidly, it’s essential to have an expert on your side—one with the tools and expertise to get proven results. MBT’s Google-certified staff has dedicated specialists in analytics, search, mobile, video, shopping and display advertising.

Working together, our premier team will plan and deploy a strategic, ongoing digital campaign for your business, cutting through the noise to reach and motivate your Customers. With MBT managing your digital marketing, you’ll have access to over 95% of the ad inventory across the internet, and complete ownership of your digital campaigns.

Transparency & Clarity

As with all our services, MBT provides our digital services with complete transparency. Our fees are straightforward: there are no kickbacks from publishers or back-end affiliate deals. We make budget recommendations with the goal of garnering the best possible ROI for each client. We provide easy-to-understand reports at regular intervals that clearly show how your digital marketing performed, down to the number of impressions and clicks. More than recording the amount of traffic to your site, we drill down to tell you if someone called, downloaded driving directions, submitted a lead form, or actually purchased online.

Search Advertising

Used correctly, Search is the ideal platform to reach customers at the exact moment they’re primed to purchase. MBT Marketing has deep expertise in focusing keywords to hone in on the target audience and prevent waste. Working with a core group of 8 to 10 regional/national clients at a time, we focus on advanced Pay-Per-Click advertising strategies and content development to increase organic search results and deliver a solid return on ad spend.


One of the most efficient ways to reach Customers is Remarketing to them after they’ve visited your website. MBT will assist you with the proper set-up and installation of customer tracking. We develop persuasive creative messaging, using emerging formats optimized for performance, including motion graphics and html5. By deploying and integrating your message across channels and touch points, we reinforce your core marketing in a highly cost-effective way.

Display & Video Advertising

Display, video and audio ads are all effective ways to drive awareness of your brand among a broad audience. MBT targets both demographically and by interest to firmly establish your brand in consumers’ minds as they search the web. We utilize a variety of options—including DMA-targeted Pandora ads; homepage takeovers; direct placement buys; high-volume network buys; Hulu, YouTube and other digital video channels—to drive awareness of your brand. With focused messaging and strategic placement, we’ll help you reach a large audience at a low cost per engagement.

Social Media

MBT’s social media strategies are focused on building community, interacting with your audience, providing social proof, and reputation management. Our social media experts create—and serve—content appropriate for every part of the sales funnel. Whether it’s building authentic interactions with the community, serving additional impressions via email, generating more positive reviews, or fostering brand advocates who will influence others, we understand how to use social media to get the desired response.

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