Get The Most From Your Media Dollars.

Today your message needs to be in many places. Traditional media, digital, social or direct response — they all require skill and expertise to be certain each dollar you invest brings you a satisfactory return. MBT’s buyers are skilled in all media and understand how to work with each medium to maximize your buy. MBT makes all billing transparent to its clients.


Your account is served by a professional MBT media strategist/planner who develops a custom media strategy and plan to accomplish your objectives. Depending on your budget, your media manager will configure the ideal balance between reach and frequency to generate more traffic and sales for the least amount of money.


The rate your company pays has a lot to do with who buys your media. As one of the largest broadcast advertising buyers in the Western United States, MBT has the leverage to help you spend less, while getting more rating points. Your company will have access to the lowest cost-per-rating points paid in all 200+ television, radio and outdoor markets in the country for every Day Part available.

Post Buy Analysis

Every schedule MBT places is monitored closely in-flight. After the media flight, your buy is inspected to make sure the agreed-upon performance for reach, frequency and rating points were met or exceeded by the station. Each station invoice is audited for compliance to ensure constant improvement for each buy, quarter to quarter.

Media Software

To deliver the optimal media plan for your company, MBT invests in state-of-the-art, market specific research software. STRATA allows for in-depth research, while SQAD provides accurate media cost forecasting. You benefit from more efficient spending and gain a competitive advantage for your company’s advertising.

Added Value

By consistently operating with integrity, MBT has built positive relationships with media vendors in every market. We are sought out as a promotional partner and can often negotiate added coverage at no additional cost. This may include announcements, bonus commercials, mentions, promotions and contests that complement your paid media schedule.


Our principal partners have experience on both the media side and the client side of the business, and appreciate the importance of transparent billing. As stewards of your budget, we operate with honesty and clarity throughout the buying process, and follow through to ensure you get full value for your media dollars.

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